I am Blog Summary (And NO You Can’t)

Blog summaries are fairly standard across the web. A paragraph with three periods and people can click the link or title to get to the full blog post is, for the most part, the norm in my experience looking at other people’s blogs. So how do you do it in the Office 365 public site blogging app? The short answer is you don’t without custom JSLink files or some major editing; I’ll be submitting another ticket listing this as a bug and updating this post with the responses. So here is my adventure in blog summary attempts… Continue reading

I Am Blog (And So Can You!)

Update 08/27/2013:

After trying to get the blog summary configuration in place in SharePoint and doing some feature discovery; I’ve decided to move on over to WordPress. WordPress seems more in line with Blogging; this first go around on SharePoint 2013 on the public side was disappointing. The internal site I still love with the rich feature set and sub-site spawning I could really see using it as a consultant to track documentation, deliverables and everything under the sun. Continue reading