Google delivers F1 database paper…back to the future with ACID!

My favorite part of the article:

“We also have a lot of experience with eventual consistency systems at Google,” they write in the paper. “In all such systems, we find developers spend a significant fraction of their time building extremely complex and error-prone mechanisms to cope with eventual consistency and handle data that may be out of date.”

So severe a penalty do these systems impose on developers that Google called it an “unacceptable burden”. For this reason, F1 offers full transactional consistency across snapshot transactions, pessimistic transactions for holding locks in place across distributed checks, and optimistic transactions for writing globally without needing to check certain states locally.

Google F1 Deep Dive Article

Time to dive into the actual F1 whitepaper!

Part 5 – Power Query API – Refreshing Data Indeed!

After a number of hours spent experimenting and searching I’ve fallen a little short on this post ladies and gents! I was looking a simple way for the non-programming public to refresh data in an excel sheet on a regular basis. In an Ideal world I would have liked to be able to give the Indeed! Excel file to anyone and say follow these steps to accumulate data for a job search. Alas; the simplicity I was looking for I could not find. So what I will cover in this post is the least technical way I could come up with to refresh a Power Query worksheet. Then I’ll go over how I imagine most reports or data marts will access Power Query’s accumulating data. As always the files we have been working with can be downloaded here. Continue reading

Power BI Webinar Sept 17th, 2013

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Part 4 – Power Query API – Accumulating Data Indeed!

This is the fourth part of the Indeed! Series and for me at least the most exciting part of the series! Executing parameterized queries to an API is great; but as someone who works in Business Intelligence I know that accumulating data and the insights garnered from evaluating data over time are invaluable. In Part 4 we will be merging the two concepts presented on Chris Webb’s Blog and Faisal Mohamood’s (or Devin Knight’s Blog if you prefer). All the workbooks for this series can be downloaded here.

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